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The Aims and Commitments of Ohmtech
I enjoy working with different technologies including coding for web sites. I manage a variety of sites mainly for pleasure so far, however I have a couple of sites which are "real" business sites.

The first of these sites was created for my daughter's business in Dollar. Her Whitewisp Retreat beauty studio site has seen a few changes since the original design and is currently undergoing a re-branding exercise and I am working closely with a brilliant young graphic designer - Susi Sinclair - who is designing the new brand image.

I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort campaigning for the rights of the individual to question injustice in whatever form it reveals itself. It concerns me that there is no independent authority they can turn to in their search for justice, when the justice system lets them down.
The present state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue. The answer, to me, is obvious, what this country needs is an independent Police Ombudsman.
To achieve that aim, I am committed, through an organisation to which I belong and the website I manage, to lobbying MSPs of all parties.

Another recent development is a web site for a cat breeder to showcase her cats - Fergan British Shorthairs.

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